Customer Support & Training

Truth Technologies focuses on you – our customers – and your requirements and business processes. Our Customer Account Management and Customer Support Teams include subject matter experts who have extensive experience and understanding of the regulatory landscape, risk management processes, and information technology. Our personnel have decades of experience in these domains. Our teams ensure that the Sentinel System is tailored to each customer’s business, workflow, and regulatory requirements.

During the implementation, as Sentinel is integrated into your workflow and your information technology processes, our teams collaborate with you and your colleagues to determine the optimal configuration to best support your internal policies and procedures. We tailor and provide to each user one or more training sessions. We proactively offer continuous assistance to ensure that Sentinel is configured to best support your needs. We listen to your suggestions for enhancements and fixes, and work with our Development and Operations Team. We stay informed of the latest regulatory developments, so that we are best able to support you.

A typical customer implementation plan will include, but it is not limited to: 

  • Discussion of your needs, including re-screening options.
  • Review of your data to assess data quality.
  • Assist you with the onboarding of the data. 
  • User training sessions.
  • Configuration fine-tuning.

Our Customer Support Team is committed to providing excellence in customer service. We listen to you and consistently go above and beyond to exceed your expectations.