Truth Technologies, Inc. (TTI) welcomes talented and motivated professionals looking for a dynamic and challenging career to help transform AML, Risk, and Compliance technology solutions within the ever-growing global market.

At TTI, we value teamwork and our communicative culture, while operating within a collegial, supportive, and diverse work environment. Team members are known for their talent, expertise, and creativity, leading to our organization's overall success.

TTI is a software provider that offers a hosted AML solution for customer filtering and monitoring. We’ve been in business since 1996 with main offices in Washington, D.C. Our customers span multiple industries in over 55 countries ranging from boutique financial firms to Fortune 500 companies. We are a preferred partner of World-Check, provider of the most comprehensive AML database in the market. TTI's flagship product, Sentinel, is a unique, high-speed identity verification system that executes queries across multiple data sources to perform a holistic risk assessment in real time. Sentinel assists in the compliance with the US Patriot Act, Executive Order 13224, the Bank Secrecy Act, EU Directives, and others. Sentinel fully implements the regulatory process by managing the risk assessment, handling the incident, providing notification, generating alerts, and supporting regulatory and internal audits. More information about Truth Technologies is available at www.truthtechnologies.com. Truth Technologies’ software operates as an ASP utilizing software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. System operation centers are Washington, DC and the Cayman Islands, and Luxembourg.

Available Position:

For more information regarding job opportunities, please submit your resume to employment@truthtechnologies.com.