Sentinel™ Versions

Sentinel comes in three versions: Online, Standard and Advanced. Each version comes with either standard public data, or with World-Check's database of known heightened-risk individuals and businesses.

Sentinel Versions
OnlineIncludes online users only
StandardIncludes online and batch processing
AdvancedIncludes online, batch processing, real time API access and Continuous Customer Monitoring. See the Continuous Customer Monitoring case study for a discussion of why this is important and how it works.
Web ServicesIncludes integrating directly into your application.

Pricing for each version varies depending on the number of monthly transactions. A transaction is defined as screening one person or company using Sentinel, regardless of whether this person or company has been previously screened.

To support a variety of user preferences and needs Sentinel can operate in different modes and service models, each of which delivers specific advantages:

  • Web Interface - An easy to use, online ASP. We can have you using Sentinel in a matter of minutes; all you need is web access and a user account.
  • Batch Processing - Capable of quickly processing large amounts of data, Sentinel includes a utility to convert your flat file customer data into the required XML batch format. With one command the batch document(s) are then sent to our Sentinel sever for processing.
  • Real-Time SOA Architecture - Web Service access is ideal for workflow integration in real time.
  • Sentinel One-Time Screenings - Provide us with your customer data in any format, and we'll check all the data within 48 hours and provide you online access to the results.


Over 2,000 institutions, including 45 of the world's 50 largest financial institutions and hundreds of government agencies, rely on the World-Check database of known heightened-risk individuals and businesses to efficiently screen their customers, associates, transactions and employees for potential risk. World-Check has partnered with Truth Technologies to integrate their risk database with TTI's customer verification platform Sentinel. This partnership gives customers the best of both worlds, a superior risk database with broad and accurate coverage, with a no maintenance easy to use screening tool.

Standard Public Data

  • Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) Lists
  • World Bank Listing of Ineligible Firms
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Denied Persons List
  • FBI Most Wanted Terrorists and Fugitive
  • Non-Cooperative Countries and Territories
  • European Union Barred Persons
  • Bank of England Consolidated List
  • Executive Order 13224 List
  • United Nations Consolidated List

Sentinel Add Ons

  • US Postal Code verification
  • SSN Master Death file screening
  • US Phone and address verification

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