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06-18-2014 - Data Security

Law Firm Cyber-Security

Target, PF Chang’s and Neiman Marcus each raise the same concern: cyber-security protections of customer data. The focus has been on the cyber-security procedures of the companies themselves (e.g. Target, PF Chang’s and Neiman Marcus). However, a bigger concern is the cyber-security protections of law-firms and law-firm vendors who receive a company’s customer data. As a general matter, most law firms and their vendors do not have the same cyber-security procedures and protections in place as their customers.

Therefore, prior to sending customer data to your law firm, make sure that your law-firm and your law-firm’s vendors can provide SAE16 Certification and evidence that they have passed an OWASP Top Ten Vulnerability Test without any vulnerabilities.

For more information on the risk of sending customer data to your law firm, see article below:

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